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Happy Easter to all of you! Today we fly to Germany to perform at Insane Strictly Hard in Atrium-Kiel! Boom Papi!

@LinnieQ I can smell them.'they are all rotten. Eastern is so much fun!

@LinnieQ ahhh thanks:) i woke up real early to eat bamisoup and to listen to the fattest beats from the middle east. Happy eastern Hun!

To everyone in Mexico. We just heard about the earthquake. Our thoughts are with you!

Having some fun in the studio... Sven is doing some pirate radio bullshit. Haha good laughs!…

@djNexOne thanks brother!!!



Merchandise available online

Today the Psyko Punkz merchandise is official on sale worldwide. Click HERE and checkout all the new guys and girls Psyko gear and become a official part of the Psyko Foundation. Take a look at our 2014 lookbook collection. Inspired by the culture of girls wearing men clothing styled to offset their effeminate attire.


New label Psyko Punkz

Psyko Punkz are proud to announce Shadow Mask Music, their new harder style label venture with Bad Manor.


Shadow Mask Music will represent a wide range of harder styles of music, ranging from progressive collaborations to straight up hardstyle.  Shadow Mask is all about being creative, having an open mind for good music and last but not least, it must be hard. The first official release on Shadow Mask will be the Psyko Punkz new single titled “This Is Your Life” featuring Chris Willis and MC Lyte. Be on the lookout for Shadow Mask Music coming to a city near you……



Be creative, think big.

Logo Shadow Mask

Merchandise available soon

Our official Psyko Punkz merchandise will be available worldwide in February. Take a look at this limited edition original Psyko Punkz varsity jacket and snapback hats. Stay tuned.



Psyko Punkz Live Set on 3FM


With Psyko Punkz being one of the top hardstyle artists, the fact that that they have a great relationship with Barend and Wijnand for years. It made perfect sense for them to start a new radio show with 3FM.

As of Friday the 22nd of November Psyko Punkz will launch their second weekly visit to the show of Barend & Wijnand on Dutch national radio station 3FM and television show called Psyko Punkz presents. During the show the guys will invite different hardstyle artists like, Adaro, Ran-D, Atmozfearsore and many more to come hangout and preview new music.

The Psyko Punkz will kick off the first episode together with Murda Turk. More top hardstyle guest DJ’s will be announced soon


Hard Bass 2014 Update

We are happy to announce that we’re playing live at Hard Bass next year. We will prepare a special show for you all. We will not let you down, it’s gonna be a epic Psyko Punkz show.




Psyko Punkz Are Hardstyle 4 Lyfe

We predict that hardstyle is going to take over America in 2014. Who can resist those monster kickdrums and psychotic drops? It is truly the ragiest, mouth-frothingest EDM genre around. In anticipation of Dutch hard dance brand Q-Dance touching down in the USA with their Sound of Q-Dance event (October 5 at the Shrine in Los Angeles), we’re profiling some of the biggest DJs playing at the fest. Now when your friends ask you six months from now if you’ve heard of Headhunterz or Psyko Punkz you can be all, “Duh. Who hasn’t?”


Psyko Punkz Showcase

Are you interested in a treat of the newest developments in hardstyle and are you up for something fresh, unique and progressive? In the evening of the 17th of October, the Rabozaal of the Melkweg in Amsterdam will be the stage for this showcase, focusing on an act that moves in the very top ranks of the genre; Psyko Punkz. This is the exclusive hardstyle event during Amsterdam Dance Event, so be sure to join this experience.

Hardstyle is growing and diversifying as a genre, as is visibly recognized by Hard Dance Event as well as by Amsterdam Dance Event in general. For the people who have been keeping an eye on HDE in the past years, it probably hasn’t gone unnoticed that hardstyle prodigy Headhunterz presented his showcase at the Sugar Factory in the year 2011. Last year he took things to another level by invading the Ziggo Dome with ‘Q-dance presents Headhunterz – Hard with Style’. In the years preceding these events, this musical movement didn’t get large amounts of attention yet but is now placed in the spotlight for all to behold, and most importantly, to be heard. It’s time to move into the future as there is much more to come. Psyko Punkz will take over the ballot to surprise you with an exclusive showcase.

Psyko Punkz, consisting of Dutchmen Wietse Amersfoort and Sven Sieperda, has been a trend-setting and standard defining act for the past years and enjoys great international popularity. Passionate for their music and energetic in their performances, they travel the world to spread the hardstyle sound. Even though these men have already left us with an impressive range of banging tracks so far, they still have a lot in store for the near future. Currently they are making studio hours with an interesting set of artists, tapping into a diversity of musical flavors and influences. The showcase of Psyko Punkz will give you the opportunity to find out about these combinations. Expect something versatile, innovating and eye-opening. Supporting acts will be announced soon.

This special evening will take place in a unique section of the Melkweg, known as the Rabozaal. With its big capacity, great acoustics and theater-like atmosphere, it lends itself as the perfect setting for the Psyko Punkz to present their showcase. The multi-functional aspect of the Rabozaal will make sure that there will be enough room to dance for all who join.
Combi-ticket: € 37,- (HDE + Showcase + membership Melkweg)



We started selecting the best new Hardstyle tunes on music discovery service of 22Tracks! The platform offers 22 genres curated by some of the best DJs in Europe. It’s great that Hardstyle will finally be represented in our weekly updated playlist.

You can listen to our list here:



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In Europe, Psyko Punkz (known individually as Sven Sieperda and Wietse Amersfoort) need no introduction. The duo are among the top ‘Hardstyle’ purveyors across the Atlantic and are increasingly popular worldwide, thanks to their unique and hard-hitting take on the sub-genre of EDM that shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. “We’re pretty mainstream with a little raw edge on the top of it,” explains Wietse regarding Psyko Punkz’s explosive sound that has won over countless fans since they first burst onto the scene in 2008. “It’s been pretty crazy, but great,” the producer adds regarding the rise of the duo worldwide. Few could have anticipated what was in store for the Dutch duo when the two first met by chance at a party and discovered that they shared a mutual love and appreciation for electronic music, and more specifically, the Hardstyle genre. Upon joining forces, the two were quickly signed to the Belgian label, Dirty Workz, and they began performing live DJ sets at some of the largest and most well-known events in the EU, including Tomorrowland (where they will play for the fourth year in a row this summer), Qlimax, Hardbass, Decibel, Defqon.1 (NL and AUS) and Germany’s Nature One.

Truly Hardstyle in sound, image and lifestyle, Psyko Punkz’s reputation for energetic live sets has even won them shows far away from Europe, including stops across the U.S., Australia, Korea and the United Kingdom. “Our performance is always really energetic,” says Wietse, who calls Utrecht home. “Things can get crazy,” the Dutchman laughs regarding the growing and loyal fan base that turns up at live gigs, and outside observers have noticed just how many fans have latched onto the twosome, over the past three years especially. Tracks such as their “Psyko Foundation” and “Bass Boom” have won them an actual army of followers, nicknamed Psyko Soldiers. “Our fans are really dedicated….we have loads of fans with Psyko Punkz tattoos” adds Wietse.

And it’s not just the guys, either, attracted to the melodic yet pounding rhythms that typify a Psyko Punkz track. “Most people with tattoos are girls,” the DJ says, noting that goes against the stereotype of Hardstyle fans skewing male. In 2011 proof started to emerge of the duo’s growing influence, thanks to fans of all genders voting them into the prestigious DJ mag Top 100. They bowed at #78 that year, climbing to #67 in 2012.

This year, expect the duo to rise even higher in the poll, thanks to the respect of fans and peers such as Headhunterz, all of whom have tipped the two as ones to watch. In fact, Psyko Punkz have collaborated with Headhunterz as well as other peers from Holland’s fast-emergent hardstyle scene. The pair worked with Noisecontrollers on tracks such as “Universe” and collaborated with Belgium’s Coone on cuts like “The Words.” So what’s on tap for 2013? For starters, they have released a new video of their new track Love This Life, the next one is in editing as we speaknew as well as an anticipated remix of Rank One’s classic dance track “Such Is Life.” Add to the mix some high profile festival appearances, including a stop at the inaugural edition of ID&T’s American debut via Tomorroworld in Georgia, and it’s safe to say Psyko Punkz’s legend will continue to grow far beyond Benelux this year and well into 2014.





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